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Madison Cochran

Madison Cochran

Special Projects Manager

Madison Cochran brings a unique skill set and a fresh perspective to the world of finance with her background in International Trade and Finance. Having recently graduated in this field, Madison is excited to apply her knowledge and expertise to her role at Park 10 Financial. During her academic journey, Madison developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of international trade and finance. She gained valuable insights into global markets, currency exchange, and the complexities of conducting business across borders. Her education equipped her with a solid foundation in financial analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making.

Prior to joining Park 10 Financial, Madison gained professional experience in diverse fields. She worked in administrative assistance and customer service roles, where she honed her communication and critical thinking skills. She understands the importance of delivering exceptional service and maintaining positive relationships with clients. Her ability to adapt to different situations and manage challenging scenarios makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Madison’s combination of financial knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and customer-oriented mindset is helping clients at Park 10 Financial achieve their financial goals. With her dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence, Madison will continue to make a positive impact in the financial industry.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Madison has a vibrant personal life. She enjoys biking, frisbee golf, and volleyball intramurals, embracing an active and adventurous lifestyle. These activities not only keep her physically fit but also teach her the importance of perseverance and teamwork. Additionally, Madison is passionate about painting and cooking. She often engages in these creative pursuits with her partner, Joseph, finding joy in expressing her artistic side and exploring culinary delights.