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Our Team

Randall Fielder

President and CEO


Randall Fielder brings twenty years of financial experience to Park 10 Financial. Randall studied Finance at the University of Houston and became a registered representative with Columbian Securities, then later with Principal Financial Group, and Allstate Financial.  He moved into portfolio management with positions at Stardust Financial, Hancock-Fielder Retirement Strategies¸ Money Managers, Inc. and Wealthcare Asset Management.

Early in his financial career, Randall became acutely aware of the poor performance of many financial products. Products such as mutual funds, stocks, ETFs and unit investment trusts did not provide any downside protection during market downturns, which became a contributing factor to losses suffered  during the downturns of 1999-2000 and 2008-2009.  Randall's quest to mitigate the substantial losses the market declines inflicted on clients, led him to a study of technical analysis, which employs models and trading rules based on price and volume transformations.

Randall developed strategies that make tactical moves in portfolios based on technical analysis (TA) of the market.  These strategies allow clients to be on the correct side of major market moves.  When the overall market is headed downward, TA will generate a sell signal which can be used to exit the market before suffering a major loss.  When the market is headed upward, TA will generate a buy signal that will capture most of the upside gains.

The heart of Park 10 Financial is to utilize these and other methods to help clients to be on the correct side of major market moves, and thus move closer to achieving their financial goals.

On the personal side, Randall has been married to his wife, Barbara for 23 years and has a stepdaughter, Stephanie, and a granddaughter, Zoe.  Spending time with his family is very important to him and he dotes on Zoe.

Helping others is important to Randall and he finds much joy in doing so through his involvement with his religious organization.

Randall enjoys golfing, travelling, and reading. 

Sandra McLeod

Marketing Director


Sandra McLeod exemplifies integrity, energy, hard work and creativity in all aspects of financial services.  Sandra is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of American InterContinental University, where she received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a specialization in entrepreneurship.  She is also an active member of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business.

Sandra's diverse professional background includes real estate, banking and education.  She specialized in human resources with a major airline.  Sandra also operated a successful small business, serving as a business consultant for nine years.  This experience greatly assisted in developing a well-rounded repertoire of the outworking of many types of businesses.  As a result, she has evolved into creating marketing initiatives to drive growth.  She delivers strategic thinking and planning, market research, competitive analysis, social media marketing and brand development.  Sandra applies her marketing expertise to draw clients, develop new products, increase revenues and build customer loyalty.  Her contribution to Park 10 Financial leads clients to attaining their financial goals.

Outside of the professional environment, Sandra’s way of life is reflected in her community involvement. She and her husband of 23 years conduct instructional courses to adults and children to improve ethics and quality of life, participate in public presentations to audiences as large as 20,000 people and demonstrate the application of scriptural knowledge to individuals facing life’s troublesome situations.